Sydney Water and Gas Leak Detection Specialists

Detecting a water leak or gas leak can be a very daunting task. Our leak detection specialists have years of experience getting called out for Sydney leak detection services on a daily basis.

You’ll be shocked to know a burst pipe can send gallons of water gushing into your home, office, shop or warehouse. Perhaps worst of all, a gas leak can spread poisonous carbon monoxide and potentially trigger an explosion. Our leak detection Sydney company uses specialised leak detection equipment that includes an arsenal of thermal imaging and CCTV tools to identify pipe leaks throughout your premises to detect the slightest of water leaks in your water pipes and prevent future water damage. With Tycon Plumbing’s leak detection team, you can rest assured your plumbing issue will be resolved the first time and comes with a lifetime warranty on all workmanship. We always take the necessary steps to leave you with a quality completed water leak repair or gas leak repair service and with total peace of mind.

Sydney Water Leak Detection

A leaking pipe can go unnoticed for several weeks as the signs are not always immediately visible. Water pipes, unlike shower heads and taps, are closed and hidden in your walls. This makes it difficult to see leaking pipes. However, there are common signs that you can look out for. Tycon Plumbing’s water leak detection service specialists have put together the following checklist of symptoms that alert you to a plumbing issue:

  1. Water Hammer: When you turn off the tap and hear a loud thumping sound, then you’ve experienced a water hammer. Water hammers are caused by an immediate change of water flow direction, creating a pressure wave to ripple through your pipes placing extreme stress your water plumbing. Hammers are definitely not good for your leaking pipes, and in fact, accelerate the wear and tear of your pipes and fixtures, it can also cause irreversible damage to taps or valves and even rupture the internal network of pipes.
  2. Dampness: Walls, floors and ceilings will often start to discolour and show strange marks due to dampness and eventually mould.
  3. Water in odd areas: Sometimes, you will see water seeping through cracks or signs of water residue in strange places
  4. Smells: mould and dampness cause very harsh musky smells especially in carpets and gyprock. Keep a nose out for it!
  5. Scaly or bubbly paint
  6. Sounds: Sometimes you can hear an audible hissing coming from behind walls. In such cases, it’s best practice to shut off the mains and call us immediately for a free quote.
  7. Inconsistent water pressure
  8. Increase of water bills

Sydney Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous, a fire hazard and a major health and safety hazard. Never ignore a gas leak as they can quickly spread lethal dosages of carbon monoxide and can dangerously ignite from a spark or small flame.

Gas leaks can be caused by a number of things, including damaged pipeline, burst connections or faulty appliances. If you smell a gas leak be sure to

  1. Turn off the mains via the gas isolation valve (check the front-sides of your property)
  2. Ventilate the area (if safe)
  3. Turn off anything that can produce a flame, spark or even produce a significant amount of heat
  4. Avoid using any aerosols
  5. Call Tycon Plumbing

Our licensed gas technicians will visit your premise and use the latest gas leak detection technology to accurately find the source of the gas leak and repair it on the spot.

Emergency Water leak or Gas Leak?

If you are experiencing a gas leak or water leak, it is vital to turn off your mains. In a residence, the water meter or water isolation switch is generally found out the front of your house; whilst the gas is found on the side of your property again generally towards the front. Finding the water valve in an apartment can be tricky. Try looking in cabinets or under the laundry or kitchen sink.

The best price on water leak and gas leak detection

Our specialist approach to blocked drains means that our team is efficient and effective. We do so many water leak and gas leak detection jobs in Sydney, that we are able to purchase otherwise expensive quality equipment and materials for a fraction of the cost. In turn, we pass on those savings to our clients resulting in the best value plumbing service in Sydney!

To top it off, our 24 hour 7 day emergency service means your Sydney water leak or Sydney gas leak will be taken care of any day or time of the week.

Call now and choose us for a free quote and call out in NSW Sydney.

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