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If you notice a bad odour in your laundry, bathroom or toilet, or see that your sink or toilet is taking longer to drain then it is most likely that you have a sewer blockage. In some instances, you can hear gurgling coming from the pipes as the water and sewerage flow is obstructed by the blockage. Drain blockages can quickly become an emergency plumbing situation, as a build-up of gunk may completely clog up your drain pipes at any time and without notice. When it comes to sewer lines, an emergency plumbing situation is unhealthy at best, and not one that you and your family want to experience! Basically, if your blockage is not cleared in a timely manner, then you will experience a sewer fill-in where the sewer line becomes fully blocked and the fowl sewage water and accompanying sludge comes back into your property via your toilet, shower, sink or floor waste!

We’ve seen this happen, way too often, and it’s very much preventable if you don’t ignore the symptoms of a blocked drain. Call Tycon Plumbing now, yes we are open 24 hours a day and ready to take your call now. We will be happy to organise to send you an experienced Sydney plumber from our team of trained professional plumbers who are equipped and ready for drain clearing. We will assess your situation, and offer you a no obligation recommendation on what you need to do to ensure your drain pipes and sewer lines are cleared and maintained at in a healthy state. If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency we offer a same day service, and can often organise a professional Sydney plumber to be at your premises within an hour or so.

Not sure if your sewer drains are blocked?

Here are some signs of an impending blocked drain:

  • Odd water height in your toilet
  • Slow draining of your toilet and/or sinks
  • Bad odour from your bathroom vanity, toilet, floor wastes such as the one in your shower, kitchen sink or laundry sinks and/or floor waste
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your pipes
blocked drain sydney

How do we unblock your drain and/or sewerage line?

When resolving your blocked stormwater drain, or blocked sewer line we generally take a 5 step approach:

  1. Camera Inspection with a CCTV drain camera: We use the latest technology in CCTV camera to detect the location of the blocked sewer or blocked drain, and ensure that we conduct a thorough inspection of your full drainage system checking for potential weaknesses or damage to your drainage system that may have been caused by tree roots or shifting soil.
  2. Locate the drain blockage: Our specialist drain plumbers will pinpoint the exact location of using the CCTV camera inspection system that is capable of transmitting a signal from within your pipes, deep in the earth to a receiver held above. This enables us to identify issues anywhere along your sewer line and stormwater drain system. Further, we can even provide you with a copy of the video footage that we take of your pipes for the future prognosis of plumbing issues.
  3. Water jetting: Once we are satisfied with our pipe damage diagnosis and have located the blockage, we use a jet blaster or hydro-jet cleaner to run high-pressure water jet flow of up to 5000 PSI down the pipe. This clears away soil, debris, plants and tree roots in the drain clearing out the drainage system.
  4. Electric Eels: When the high-pressure water jet doesn’t quite blow you out of the water, we bring in the electric-eel. This drain clearing tool comprises of flexible cables and rotating cutting tools, and is driven by a powerful motor. It clears blockages in sewer and stormwater pipes by cutting through tree roots, grease, leaves and soil build-up. It also will be required to cut through the damaged pipe sections, where we opt to use pipe relining to mend your drainage system.
  5. Dig-up or Pipe Relining: Where damage has been caused to the pipes, a dig up or pipe relining will be required. All our trucks are equipped and ready for Sydney pipe relining.

How to prevent blocked drains Sydney

  • Do not throw away food or greasy materials down the sink as this will build-up resulting in a blocked drain.
  • install filters in all your access points to the drainage
  • use drain cleaners regularly
  • Remove any hair that is caught in shower drains, and throw it out via the trash
  • Our yearly drain cleaning service, which includes a full inspection of all your sewerage pipes and jet blaster service will help ensure that any possible build-up is eradicated before it becomes a costly and stressful issue.

The best price on blocked drains Sydney

Our specialist approach to blocked drains means that our team is efficient and effective in resolving your plumbing problem. We do so many blocked drain jobs in Sydney, that we are able to purchase otherwise expensive quality equipment and materials for a fraction of the cost. In turn, we of course pass on those savings to our clients resulting in the best value plumbing service in Sydney!

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Blocked Drains Sydney FAQs

Tycon Plumbing-pipe relining sydney specialists

Absolutely, we have a pipe relining truck in NSW, ready on hand for your blocked drain Sydney. Further, all our vehicles are fitted with pipe relining equipment to cover sections from 3 meters to 10 meters in length. To top it off, all our plumbers undergo intensive training directly from the manufacturer on the top of the line Brawoliner German made pipe relining system.

We offer the longest standing warranty and guarantee in the industry. A solid 100 year life expectancy on our pipe relining work for any sewer pipe repair in Sydney. Yes, 100 years is the longest Pipe Relining Service warranty in Sydney! To make sure our work lasts this long, we also run extensive quality checks after every drain relining job is complete. This ensures you receive the most comprehensive pipe relining solution in Sydney for your sewer pipe and/or drain pipe repair or replacement needs. Our work speaks for us, and we have created a reputation as Sydney‘s leading pipe relining service specialists through our commitment to quality of work over the years.

Sydney water blockage form Tycon Plumbing

Given that any number of things including tree roots and foreign objects can cause sewer blockages, it is common for a blockage that is impacting your drainage and sewerage systems is actually located outside of your property. Rest assured that issues that there is a form available from Sydney water to make a claim back on such jobs. We will help advise you on whether this is the case, and also guide you through the form application. The form is available from the Sydney Water website: “Sydney Water Sewer choke form A”. When we find that the blockage is not in your private wastewater pipes, but instead in the public wastewater system, then we will call Sydney Water who is the body responsible to come and fix the blockage. We will request they come out and fix the problem as a matter of urgency. Don’t worry as you can be reimbursed in this case for any expense you occurred for us to come out and inspect the drains. All you need to do is submit a sewer choke claim form to Sydney Water with a copy of our paid invoice.

Our dedicated blocked drains specialists have several years of experience doing just that – unblocking drains and sewerage systems in Sydney. This means we are able to save money and time in failed attempts at unclogging tough blockages and get straight to business. This time saving and stress-free no-nonsense approach means we are confident that we are able to beat any price for Sydney Blocked Drains. Our local plumber Sydney and friendly approach coupled with our cost-conscious approach to addressing your plumbing needs sets us apart in the state of NSW, and places us as one of the best plumbers in Sydney. To put all that in perspective, our current blocked drain service fee starts at just $59!


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