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At Tycon Plumbing we believe in providing you with cost-effective pipe relining options that are a permanent solution to their sewer pipe repair. That’s why we have invested in training and equipping a dedicated team of Pipe relining Specialists to run our Sydney pipe relining services. We are so confident in our pipe relining experts that we offer a guaranteed 100 year life expectancy on our pipe relining work for any sewer pipe repair in Sydney. Yes, 100 years is the longest Pipe Relining Service warranty in Sydney! To make sure our work lasts this long, we also run extensive quality checks after every drain relining job is complete. This ensures you receive the most comprehensive pipe relining solution in Sydney for your sewer pipe and/or drain pipe repair or replacement needs. Our work speaks for us, and we have created a reputation as Sydney‘s leading pipe relining service specialists through our commitment to quality of work over the years.

What damages sewer pipes and stormwater pipes?

Both new pipes and old pipes can be damaged from any number of things including tree roots, shifting in the soil as well as general weakening of joints in the pipes. Older terracotta pipes often also crack and disjoin as a result of shifting and movement in the earth around them. These broken pipes cause moisture and nutrients to leak into the surrounding soil, encouraging tree roots, plant roots and even grasses to grow into the pipeline. This eventually results in blocked drains, blocked toilets and blocking everything upstream! Whilst PVC pipes are generally less prone to cracking and deterioration, they do often weaken at the joints.

When a pipeline is damaged, the section of damaged pipe needs to be repaired. To repair damaged pipes, most plumbing companies offer a “dig up” – the process of digging up all the soil above the pipe till it is completely exposed, then replacing the damaged section of pipe with new PVC pipe. This can prove to be a daunting task as the pipeline often has a cement footpath, driveway or even garage or your house built above it, or best case scenario it’s located in the middle of your landscaped front or backyard! So the cost of blowing holes in the concrete foundation of your home or landscaping can be nightmarish. The dig up can easily become a huge job taking over several days, and requiring several trade experts, essentially all adding up to several thousands of dollars. On top of all this, if the newly installed PVC or UPVC pipe joins at some point to a terracotta pipe, then you still run the risk of a future leak at the new joint between the terracotta pipe and PVC pipe. Taking all this into consideration, if there is a technology that would mean there’s no dig up involved, then we’re all for it…This is where pipe relining technology comes into play.

How does Pipe Relining work?

Pipe relining technology or Trenchless pipe relining is used by our specialist plumbers to repair damaged water and sewer pipes without having to dig up the ground above the pipes to reach them. First, a state-of-the-art Rigid CCTV camera (a specialised drain camera with a robotic interface) is run through the pipes allowing our technician to inspect the interior of each branch of the pipeline for cracks or collapsed walls. Couple this with geosensor technology and we are able to find the exact location(s) where pipe repair is required. We then diagnose what the pipe damage is, and pinpoint exactly what caused the damage (to ensure we eradicate the problem). Once we are satisfied with the pipe damage diagnosis we use a jet blaster or hydro-jet cleaner to run high-pressure water flow of up to 5000 PSI down the pipe, targeted straight at the blocked area of the damaged pipe. This clears away soil, debris, plant and tree roots as well as any other incursion that has taken place.

Once the pipeline is clear of all debris, the pipe relining specialist inserts a textile liner coated with an adhesive epoxy resin into the faulty branch or channel of pipe. We then pump up the liner with pressurised air so that the epoxy resin is pushed securely against the inner lining of the old pipe. The correct amount of pressure impressing the liner against the walls of the cylinder pipe is maintained until the adhesive resin has set and cured. This creates an extremely robust, yet perfectly uniform protective seal across the length of the broken pipe.

Now our specialist pipe relining technician will re-inspect the area using the Rigid CCTV camera to ensure that the pipe relining is correctly in place and that all obstructions have been removed from the system. A further quality check is undertaken to ensure that the job is worthy of our 100 year backed warranty that covers both parts and warranty. Our sewer pipe relining and drain pipe relining are a 100% permanent solution.

Our Brawoliner underground pipe relining

The benefits of using Tycon Plumbing’s Pipe Relining Specialists

We are a trusted pipe relining company, with a dedicated team that has specialised in providing a guaranteed pipe relining service. We stand behind our 100 year warranty as both our technicians are experienced trained specialists, and our equipment is the best of the best. We rely exclusively on Brawoliner, German-made pipe relining equipment and materials. Brawoliner is the world leader in pipe relining technology and we couple this with quality materials to ensure that our pipe relining is actually a permanent solution. When we say 100 years, we have the equipment, the product quality, personnel and quality assurance inspections to ensure we never touch that section of pipe ever again!

To top it off, Tycon Plumbing has built a reputation for its reliability. When we say we will be there, or the cost will be X amount of dollars, or give you a finish date… you can rest assured that’s exactly what is going to happen! We are honest and transparent in all our dealings, and make sure we leave every client extremely satisfied with our work.

Brawoliner Internal pipe relining

The best price on pipe relining Sydney

Our specialist approach to pipe relining means that our team is efficient and effective. Hence we are able to save on extensive time wasted by other companies that you end up having to pay for! Further, because we do so many relining jobs in Sydney, we are able to purchase otherwise expensive quality German made materials and equipment at heavily reduced bulk prices. This means we are able to offer our clients the best value and the longest pipe relining warranty in Sydney!

Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t tree roots simply re-renter my relined pipe?

Won’t tree roots simply re-renter my relined pipe?

As explained earlier, as long as there are no cracks or deterioration in the pipe, tree roots will generally not be an issue. The materials we use for our pipe relining guarantees that tree roots will not pose an issue whatsoever, and the fact that it’s seamless (no joints) ensures that tree roots and plant roots cannot enter the pipe and weaken it.

How much does pipe relining in Sydney cost?

Given the uniqueness of each job including the extent of pipe damage, location of access points to the pipeline, accessibility to the access points, the complexity of the pipe layout and so many other variables, it is only fair that we come out and offer you a free onsite consultation. In this consultation we will determine the manpower, resources and equipment we will need in order to provide you an affordable 100 year backed Pipe lining solution.

Is pipe relining technology environmentally friendly?

The best part of pipe relining, is that it is environmentally safe. The fact that there are no joints further ensures that there is no sewage or stormwater seeping out into the soil. (ie no infiltration or exfiltration).

How does the reduction in pipe diameter impact the flow of stormwater and sewerage?

The Brawoliner based Pipe Lining textile we use is approximately 3mm thick (including the layer of epoxy resin), so the total diameter of the pipe will be reduced by only 6mm. Despite the reduction, the flow is actually faster where the pipe is relined, as the pipe reline section is much smoother and therefore there is very little friction. In any case, even with the 6mm reduction, there is still over-capacity in the pipe diameter to carry the full flow of stormwater and/or sewerage downstream.

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