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Tycon Plumbing have a team of experienced plumbers in Sydney who offer expert plumbing services including affordable new toilet installations and toilet repairs on both blocked toilets and leaking toilets.

Blocked Toilets

When it comes to emergency plumbing situations, having a blocked toilet can be extremely daunting. There are many reasons why your toilet might be blocked and causing your plumbing problems. Oddly enough, the most common material causing blocked toilets is actually toilet paper! Over the course of hundreds of toilet repair jobs, we’ve found that some toilet papers simply do not dissolve very well and coupled with too much toilet paper being dumped in a single flush and you have yourself a blocked toilet.

Our plumbing technicians have also gone out to blocked toilet plumbing jobs in Sydney NSW, only to recover a myriad of stuffed toys and all sorts of kids play things or things they were playing with! Yes, your kids often contribute to blocked toilets.

Next on the list of offenders would have to be the lovely ladies. Menstrual pads, tampons and sanitary napkins are big culprits that clog a toilet. Female hygiene items oh and even cotton balls are generally large and will not dissolve in your sewerage pipe. They keep adding up over time till they eventually clog up your toilet drains.

We’ve also come across hair being flushed down the bowl. When hair is flushed routinely it often gets tangled with other objects inside the pipes creating a serious toilet blockage and can often lead to overflow.

A good make-up of our plumbing jobs is caused by baby by-products. If you have babies around the house, then watch where those nappies and baby wipes end up. If you flush a nappy down the toilet, chances are you will have an almost instant clogging and overflow of the bowl. On the other hand, baby wipes tend to build-up pretty quickly inside the sewerage pipes causing some serious toilet blockage.

To unblock toilets we use special tools that can often have your toilet unclogged in a matter of minutes. Our courteous plumbing technicians will even clean up any mess, clearing your bathroom of hazardous and unhygienic substances and leave it in a safe state to access and use. So don’t leave your plumbing issues lingering, call Tycon Plumbing today and get a professional service on your Sydney plumbing repairs.

Toilet repairs and leaking toilets

Toilet Cisterns (the top part of your toilet suite that holds the water that is flushed into the toilet bowl) are known to leak at the joints externally and internally if they have not been installed by an experienced plumber. Older toilets suites also have seals that dry up and crack over-time resulting in a leaking toilet. The most common leak occurs from the flushing mechanism located inside the cistern. Leaking toilets can have a very dramatic impact on your water bills. That’s why it is important that you have toilet repairs on leaking toilets done as a matter of urgency by an experienced plumber. The water savings by repairing a leaking toilet are often more than a leaking tap, and you will be saving litres of water wasted every day.

Our Brawoliner underground pipe relining

New toilet installations and old or broken toilet replacements

If you are having several toilet issues and toilet problems, it generally makes sense to simply get a new toilet suite installed. There’s a myriad of toilet issues that make it worth your while getting your toilet plumbing looked at by an experienced plumbing and probably have your toilet suite replaced with a new toilet. There are a few strong indicators that you can look check to see if you will be better off with a new toilet. Carrying our toilet repairs on any of these toilet issues will result in economic savings, reduce your carbon footprint with a +1 for the environment and most importantly ensure you maintain your family hygiene. As a rule of thumb, if you find that your old toilet needs too many repairs, then a replacement often works out easier on the pocket. Rebuilding, or replacing several parts of your toilet suite can include a number of parts such as the cistern (tank), the fill valve (flushing mechanism), the bowl and the flapper. Weighing the repair and part replacements costs versus a new toilet is definitely a good idea especially if your toilet has a crack or shard in the porcelain, a wobbly toilet bowl, broken flush mechanism, continually leaking, visual scratches, or if your toilet clogs. Our experienced plumbers will walk you through the parts list and help you compare the benefits of installing a new toilet suite altogether. Our new toilet installations plumbing service Sydney comes with a solid labour and parts warranty that will ensure you have several years of peace of mind. Here’s a quick checklist of toilet problems you should consider:

Do you have a wobbly toilet bowl?

The only way to fix a wobbly bowl is to diagnose why they are not held securely to the floor. A wobbly toilet bowl can leak at any time and without notice, and will probably require emergency plumbing when you least expect it. Our experienced plumbers note that the most common causes of a toilet bowl wobble are generally loose toilet bolts or a corroded, broken or incorrectly set flange (the flange is sometimes set too high by inexperienced plumbers). Inexperienced plumbers have also been known to use wax rings that are too thick. Lastly, sometimes the actual subfloor of the toilet is soft and this is obviously a more complex fix. Whilst some of these issues seem easy to attempt yourself, we recommend you call out one of our professional experienced plumbers. The parts on a toilet, especially older ones can become very brittle over time, and simply overtightening one of the bolts can quite easily result in a broken toilet or cracked bolt. This leads to either more serious wobble and an unwanted water leak. Where the wobble is more serious and caused by simple wear and tear of the toilet bowl parts, our professional plumbing technicians will advise you on the best plumbing solution for your toilet repair and offer you a new toilet suite that will save you headaches, money and stress in the future.

Is your toilet continually leaking and/or have a broken flush mechanism?

Whilst a broken flush mechanism is generally a straightforward plumbing job for our experienced plumbers, we sometimes find that a toilet that is continually leaking from the flushing mechanism is prone to future issues. To save you time and money, we will inspect your toilet suite and advise whether a new toilet is an economically viable alternative to your toilet repair.

Are there visual scratches on your toilet suite?

Whilst it doesn’t sound like much, toilets are designed to have a very smooth so that you can easily keep them perfectly sanitised and clean. Scratches are not only a visual flaw but more importantly, they absorb or take-in germs and bacteria reducing the effectiveness of your ability to keep the toilet suite clean. You will naturally find that your toilet will require much more maintenance and even then, the hygiene you can maintain on a scratched toilet is only so much. Now a small scratch is definitely not a feasible reason to go about purchasing a new toilet, however, coupled with any of the above toilet issues and makes sense to have one of our experienced plumber Sydney install a brand spanking new toilet of your choice for you.

Is there a crack in your toilet bowl or cistern porcelain?

Hairline cracks can easily develop in the tank or bowl of your toilet. These are essentially an emergency plumbing repair waiting to happen at the most inconvenient time possible. Our emergency plumbers get so many calls to unsuspecting culprits of the hairline crack. The cracks simply burst open and without notice, often when you are not even home and cause serious flooding to your house. In minor cases, porcelain cracks entertain an active leak which slowly but surely destroys your surrounding walls and/or subfloor over time. It is important to always check for cracks in your toilet bowl and tank – maybe make it a habit when cleaning the toilet. If you do spot one we recommend calling our professional plumbers Sydney to come and replace the toilet before it completely breaks.

Are new toilets more economical and environmentally friendly than older toilets?

Modern dual flush toilet mechanisms can do your pocket and the environment a huge favour by saving up to 4 times the litres of water every single flush, having a pretty decent impact on your water bills.

Emergency Plumbing Toilet Repairs

If you are in need of an emergency service or general plumbing repair for your toilet repair or new toilet get in touch with us and you can be sure that your first call in a toilet plumbing emergency or general plumbing needs will be your last. We use quality state-of-the-art equipment, and quality materials that will unblock, repair and help to install any toilet repair in minutes.

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